internet in a box


Algolink is a conversion of the residential Starlink dishes to make them truely mobile. The al-in-one case includes battery power and solar charging capabilities to make sure the units can connect to internet anywhere and anytime outside the grid. Thanks to the Starlink's advanced technology, the fast satellite internet is accessible via wifi or ethernet port moments after the case is turned on.


I go on a lot of solo camping trips. While being away from technology in nature is a relaxing experience, being able to connect to friends and family in times of ememergency or need has always been a need. There are many solutions in the market including mid-range UHF transmitters, satellite phones, and emergency beakons, however, having access to satellite internet could service all the functionalities of those devices while adding a whole layer of possibilities to the scenario.

With the introduction of the Starlink ROAM, I purchased a unit for my personal use, thinking that it is designed for remote applications. To my surprise, the ROAM plan is only a subscription, and the hardware is exactly the same as the residential version. So no matter how remote you are, you would still need to set the dish on the heavy steel stand, work out 10 meters of wiring, and plug it to a 240v outlet, which is not possible in the most scenarios.

Going on a mission to make my Starlink unit truely "mobile" I fitted out everything including a 12v battery and an inverter inside a case, and tested the unit on the battery power. While this initial prototype only worked for half an hour before failing in all aspects, it was enough proof of convept to get a second unit, and do it more precisely.


After proofing the concept, Algolink was officially born. I did more porottypes out of cardboard, plywood, and metal to find the best design for a solid chassis to hold all the equipment secure. 


I started taking my Starlink in a box around camps with me, and while using it, updated a lot of details based on the feedback from other campers and friends. Finally, the end-product was ready to be released to the market.


At the moment, Algolink is being sold to a few mining and farming companies that require high-speed connectivity while operating in remote areas. There are three versions availabe, with the PRO version targetting more serious businesses with many users connecting to the Algolink unit at the same time.