Cladding Coupler


The original idea started with an enquiry from the Australian Museum about the projection chamber in the Sharks Exhibition. They were thinking about cladding the whole structure, and due to direct contact with the public, it needed to be clean, solid and modular. They left the beautiful powder-coated truss structure primarily exposed in the exhibition. However, it made us realise the market gap for this product.


While minimal, the final solution benefits from a multi-functional design that satisfies a lot of application scenarios. The coupler serves every use case, whether clamping panels using the integrated slot, connecting them using screwing or using Velcro or adhesives to stick on the boards. The threaded M4 holes on the clamp are positioned precisely 25mm from the edge, which makes it a breeze to pre-drill the panels before connecting them using the supplied M4 screws.

Below are some of the application scenarios for the new versatile cladding coupler: