Oceanarium Projection Chamber for the Australian Museum

In early October 2022, the Australian Museum presented its new exhibition, Sharks. It features a 360-degree experience filled with information on sharks and their lives, and witness varying life-sized shark models that range from 50cm to 8m.  

Experts from the Australian Museum created their exhibition to spread awareness about the dangers that sharks face with rising temperatures, pollution and more. Visitors will witness the evolution of sharks through the decades and, with the help of the First Nations’ and Pasifika Peoples’ knowledge, how to protect them. 

To ensure the stability and success of the 360-degree experience for visitors, I was presented with the opportunity to contribute by designing a few solutions, including a projection chamber, a mounting structure to secure multiple projectors and a new coupler that proves helpful in adding edge-to-edge cladding and signage to the truss.  

The Cladding Coupler

As the first of its kind, the light-duty cladding coupler reduces set-up time and allows the installation of multiple panels or MDL boards side by side. Designed to achieve professional-looking results with display panels, advertising boards or building set designs, it does not need any special tools that enable the creation of unique designs and structures with ease.