Design Problem-Solving Training

for In-House Designers and Engineers

  • Do you want to know more about your design team and their problem-solving capacities?

  • Does your company suffer from low retention of designers?

  • Do you struggle to keep your creative staff constantly motivated and challenged?

  • Do you want your design teams to work at their peak performance?

I am offering a series of curated workshops aimed at increasing the problem-solving capabilities of the in-house design teams in the industry.

The workshops are based on the Function-Behaviour-Structure design framework which has been developed through studying many high-performance designers and engineers. The sessions are specifically aimed at highly-creative staff that need motivation and intellectual challenges to stay excited about their role.


The workshops are designed to work independently, improving the design thinking and problem-solving skills of designers and engineers in the industry.

The Design Competency Discovery Session is recommended for profiling your staff's current skills and competency.

Additionally, I can engage with your designers in Collaborative Design Review Sessions and give them adequate feedback on their ideas.

• Design Competency Discovery

• Design Thinking Strategies and Methods

• Function-Behaviour-Structure Analysis

• Design Brief Analysis and Problem Formulation

• Product Family Development and Modular Design

• Constraints and Dependencies in Design

• Collaborative Design Review Sessions


  • Dr Morteza’s teaching method is unique and fun. He explains all the topics by comparing them with real-life situations making them easy to understand. Besides that, he also gave valuable feedback to improve one's personal skills.

  • His way to teach is very practical, he is always sharing his experience to understand a better way the topic.

  • Morteza is always keen to help and shares a lot of his industrial knowledge.

  • He has an amazing way of breakdown things to make us understand. You feel pushed to learn, try out new competencies and gain valuable feedback that helps to improve.

  • Really critical (= positive), cuts right through soft arguments.

  • The teacher is great. He is so passionate about the subject and he inspired us to learn more about the subject. His experience and knowledge are excellent and the way he teaches is easy to understand.

  • Morteza is a great lecturer. His classes are engaging and revolve around him teaching a subject he clearly knows well, not just reading slides. They were never boring and were adapted based on comments from the previous sessions.

  • Fully satisfied! Best in explanation of doubts and topics.

Why choose these training workshops?

Rational Chaos

  • Allows you to invest on your people and know their capabilities better

  • Offers on-site workshops for your in-house designers and engineers

  • Is industry-focused training with solid scientific foundations

  • Is curated for your real design challenges

  • Is based on years of industry experience

  • Involves no fluff and no malarkey

  • Is engaging and fun for your creative staff