Design Problem-Solving

I am offering a series of curated workshops aimed at increasing the problem-solving capabilities of the in-house design teams in the industry. 

The workshops are based on the Function-Behaviour-Structure design framework which has been developed through studying many high-performance designers and engineers. The sessions are specifically aimed at highly-creative staff that need motivation and intellectual challenges to stay excited about their role.


The workshops are designed to work independently, improving the design thinking and problem-solving skills of designers and engineers in the industry. 

The Design Competency Discovery Session is recommended for profiling your staff's current skills and competency.

Additionally, I can engage with your designers in Collaborative Design Review Sessions and give them adequate feedback on their ideas.

• Design Competency Discovery

• Design Thinking Strategies and Methods

• Function-Behaviour-Structure Analysis

• Design Brief Analysis and Problem Formulation

• Product Family Development and Modular Design

• Constraints and Dependencies in Design

• Collaborative Design Review Sessions