morteza pourmohamadi

Dr Morteza Pourmohamadi

R&D Project Manager at Design Quintessence Pty Ltd

Design Academic and Industrial Designer


I am an active industrial designer and design academic, currently the Head of Design and Manufacturing at Design Quintessence Pty Ltd. I received my PhD degree in Design Computing and Cognition from The University of Sydney in 2013. I am currently a sessional lecturer at the University of Sydney and the Swinburne University of Technology.

I am interested in design cognition, design-lead-innovation, and the applications of computers in generative design. I enjoy teaching design and mentoring ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs to realise their ideas.

I'm in love with logic, innovation and making.

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Rational Chaos: Design Problem-Solving Training for In-House Designers and Engineers

I am offering a series of curated workshops aimed at increasing the problem-solving capabilities of the in-house design teams in the industry. 

The workshops are based on the Function-Behaviour-Structure design framework which has been developed through studying many high-performance designers and engineers. 

The sessions are specifically aimed at highly-creative staff that need motivation and intellectual challenges to stay excited about their role.